“Whoever said, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff,’ had no comprehension of how important the small stuff is. As the father of modern architecture, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, said, ‘God is in the details.’ Do not underestimate the non-verbal messages conveyed to those in the upper echelons of society by the attention to detail given to those items in a man’s wardrobe which most men don’t even think about.”


“Wearing a necktie may seem passe, but there’s a reason news anchors and statesmen still wear them.”


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Premium Neckwear

There’s no quicker way to ruin the visual impact of a nice suit than to put on a stupid-looking tie and/or pocket square. Investing in premier neckwear allows you to exude class and authority while elevating your outfit. Our collection includes bow ties and neckties made from the finest luxurious silk and silk blends.

pocket squares & scarves

“No more matching your tie and pocket square. I know you see people doing it on TV, but it smacks of a lack of creativity, cheap department store en masse merchandising, and makes them look like their mother dressed them.”


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Pocket Squares & scarves

Now that men aren’t wearing ties as often with a sport coat or suit, the pocket square becomes the natural accessory substitute that indicates an advanced understanding of the more intricate aspects of life. Complement your sport coat or suit when not wearing a tie with a pocket square or scarf to showcase your taste level and sense of classic style. And of course, a white linen pocket square is the perfect finishing touch when wearing a suit and tie. Our collection features various patterns and fabrics to accommodate any occasion or preference from bold hues to timeless minimalistic designs.


“A man’s belt is one of the least obtrusive, yet most often observed, indicators of his level of achievement in life.”


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Accentuate Your Outfit |
Designer Men’s Belts

Add a stylish finishing touch to your ensemble with a designer men’s belt. Crafted from the finest leather and suede to exotic skins including alligator, crocodile, bison, and ostrich — our versatile collection of men’s belts will be a timeless addition to your everyday wardrobe.


“The days of a one-watch man are bygone. Watches are a timeless classic accessory that can enhance any ensemble.”


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Where Function
Meets Style

Our Hamilton watches come in various metals and a variety of styles from field and scuba to aviator chronometers and sleek dress watches. Whether you prefer a striking or understated look, our wide variety of classic timepieces will accommodate and accentuate every occasion in life.

Enhancing Your visual reputation