black tie

“A grown man should own his own tuxedo. Period. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise; there are only two classically appropriate lapel styles — either peak or shawl, and always one button. Let the guys who rent wear the goofy-looking stuff. When you want to divert from the norm, add a black watch, velvet, or white dinner jacket.”

black tie accessory necessities

- Formal Shirt
- Bow Tie (or, solid black necktie if you just have to break tradition— or have never learned to tie your own bow tie)
- Cummerbund or Waistcoat
- Formal Shoes (plain-toe black leather, at least)
- Cufflink and Stud Set
- Braces (Suspenders)


Heritage Gold
Jack Victor
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Black Tie Formalwear

Transcending the standard suit and tie, our black tie collection features tuxedos, dinner jackets, and more to accentuate sophistication and class at your next formal event.

white tie

“Full dress formal occasions are the ones at which men commit the most sartorial faux pas. It’s almost laughable to observe how many men at this level of society don’t know the appropriate relationship between the length of the coat in front and the length of their vest.”

White tie accessory necessities

- Tailcoat
- Formal Trousers
- White Marcella Pique Wing-Collar Shirt  
- White Marcella Pique Bow Tie
- White Marcella Pique Waistcoat
- Braces (Suspenders)
- Formal Shoes
- Mother of Pearl Cufflink and Stud Set


Heritage Gold
+ many custom made options
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White Tie and Tails

Feel fully at ease entering into the world of the most formal of affairs with our collection of white tie formalwear. Our wardrobe advisors will give you accurate and sound advice as to the appropriate shirt, vest, tie fabric, and coat length so you can step out in confidence and class for your most memorable occasions.

read the Full "white tie and tails tales" article written by founder, j. michael mahaffey here.
Read the Full “White Tie and Tails Tales” article written by Founder, J. MichAel Mahaffey, here.

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